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Council Tax Support scheme 2017

Information about our proposals to change our Council Tax Support scheme from 1 April 2017.

Discount and exemptions

Due to reductions in central government funding, Fenland District Council is making choices about where it must save money. One way is by giving less Council Tax support (CTS).

Council Tax Support is a means-tested reduction from Council Tax. Customers need to apply for it and provide evidence of income, savings and the make-up of their household. You can use our benefits calculator to see if you're eligible and apply on our website.

Pensioners can be up to 100% of their Council Tax bill covered by Council Tax Support. This is set out by Government regulations that we must follow.

It is different for working age people. Now we work Council Tax Support out, take 14% off and apply it to customers' bills. This means working age people must pay at least 14% of the normal Council Tax.

Proposed changes

We're proposing that from April 2017 we'll take 20% off. We consulted on our proposals during the summer of 2016, ending on 21 October 2016.
The final decision about the proposals will be made on 15 December 2016; this page will be updated with the result then.

An example of what the proposed change would mean is:

At the moment if a person's Council Tax bill is £1,000 we work out their Council Tax Support on the whole bill, then take 14% off. This means Council Tax Support is £1,000 less 14% or £860, so the minimum payable is £140 per year. 
If the changes were to go ahead it would mean that in the above example the person would have £60 more Council Tax to pay next year. This is because we would work out the £1,000 bill less 20% or £200, so the minimum payable would be £200 per year.