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Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) Dog Consultation

The Government has introduced new legislation to control dogs in public spaces which is known as Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) and we have to decide how to apply this new legislation within Fenland. The current Dog Control Orders were implemented in October 2012 and we have found them to be a successful way of managing dog issues in our parks and open spaces. However, from October 2017 the Dog Control Orders will expire and Fenland District Council will no longer be able to enforce dog issues without implementing a PSPO.

Dog fouling

We recognise that dog owners like to be able to walk their dogs in our parks and open spaces and are responsible when doing so; however there is a small minority of irresponsible dog walkers who don't, which can create a number of issues that residents ask us to deal with. Therefore, we are proposing to replace the existing Dog Control Orders with the new Public Spaces Protection Order, including the same restricted activities and, in the main, the same areas.

In summary the following activities must be adhered to by the order:

  • Dog faeces to be removed from any land to which the public have access

  • Dogs to be put on a lead when requested by an authorised officer

  • Dogs to be on a lead in some open play areas, public facilities, closed cemeteries, and churchyards (2 exceptions - King's Walk, Wisbech and St. Wendredas' Churchyard, March)

  • Dogs to be excluded from fenced/gated play areas and open cemeteries

For full details of the current Dog Control Orders and where they apply to please click Dog Control Orders and Dog Fouling

We would like you to take this opportunity to review the proposed changes and provide us with your feedback. Our proposals are as follows (click links to view maps):

pdf icon Proposed Order [6Mb]

Dogs Excluded Areas


Dogs on Leads Areas


Removal of Dogs on Leads Order as no longer relevant

  • Manor Leisure Centre Open Play Area (old play area removed with Dogs on Leads Order and no play equipment has been put in its place)


This survey is your opportunity to let us know your views on these possible changes and to the PSPO in general. We also welcome any other feedback you have on the issues of dogs as this may shape any future PSPO considerations.

The following links provide additional information that may assist you when responding to this consultation.

It may also help to read our FAQ's before answering the questions

Please click link to start PSPO Consultation

Consultation ends 31st January 2017

The information you provide will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and treated as confidential; all personal information held by Fenland District Council is held safely in a secure environment.

  • FAQ's

    Here's where you can find the FAQ's relating to our Dog PSPO consultation.....