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'Paperless' approach saves £985 a month

A project by Fenland District Council to save money by no longer producing paper copies of council agendas has saved almost £12,000 in a year.


The Council has saved a total of £11,816 - equivalent to £985 a month - in just 12 months after adopting a 'paperless' approach to its Council, Cabinet and committee meetings.

Members of the authority's Overview and Scrutiny Committee noted the savings achieved from the Paperless Project at its meeting last month, and the "significant contribution" it had made to the council's savings targets.

The committee said the project had been successfully implemented thanks to members' use of existing tablets and laptops to view agendas and reports online, or download them to print at home at their own cost. It also recommended that members continue to endorse the paperless way of working.

Prior to the move, all elected members of the council were routinely provided with copies of committee reports, as well as paper and ink cartridges, at a cost of £12,935 per year.

But in 2015, as part of the Council's Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) to address ongoing cuts in Government funding, Cabinet members launched a paperless pilot following a review of members' ICT provision by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

The pilot was reviewed by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee in September 2015, with members becoming fully paperless in May last year.

Councillor David Oliver, the Council's Portfolio Holder for Community Safety and Heritage with responsibility for ICT, said: "As elected members we wanted to do what we could to help the Council make savings where possible and the Paperless Project is a successful achievement in that regard."

Councillor Anne Hay, Vice-Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Paperless Project lead, added: "By delivering significant printing, paper and production cost savings, the project has made a considerable contribution to the Council's Comprehensive Spending Review savings targets."

Article added: July 14, 2017