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Flick the switch and save on energy

Fenland residents are being invited to sign up for a free energy switching service to see if they can keep warm and well for less this winter.

Collective Energy Switch

'Cambridgeshire Energy Switch' is a joint scheme between Fenland District Council, Cambridgeshire County Council, other city and district councils and switching partner iChoosr which aims to reduce residents' gas and electricity bills through the power of bulk buying.

Everyone who registers is entered into a collective switching scheme, with energy companies then invited to bid for their custom in an auction.

Because the auction is a chance for energy companies to secure thousands of customers in one go, the deals they offer in a bid to win that auction are often better than those advertised to the general public - and the more people who join, the more money can be saved.

Previous auctions have resulted in more than 700 households saving an average of more than £200 per year.

Councillor Mike Cornwell, Fenland District Council's Portfolio Holder for Communities, said: "Many people are paying too much for their gas and electricity and haven't changed suppliers in years, if at all.

"Switching energy suppliers can be daunting, but this makes it easy. Getting people together to form a strong single buying unit is an excellent way of helping to bring costs down and I really hope that as many residents as possible take advantage and sign up."

Taking part in the Cambridgeshire Energy Switch is free and signing up is quick and easy, with just an annual bill or indication of annual energy usage required.

All residents can take part, whether they own their own home or live in rented accommodation and regardless of whether they pay their energy bills quarterly, monthly, by direct debit or cash, or use a pre-payment meter.

The energy auction will be held on Tuesday, October 10, to see which energy suppliers offer the best deals. Everyone who signed up before this date will then be sent an offer indicating any savings they could make. There is no obligation to accept the offer and no fees or charges involved, whether people decide to switch or not.

You can sign up for the Cambridgeshire Energy Switch at Have your latest energy bill handy when registering. Alternatively you can request a paper application form by emailing your details to: or contacting 01354 654321.

Article added: September 8, 2017