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Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

Friday, March 23, 2018 was Fuel Poverty Awareness Day and marked the final day of NEA's Warm Homes Campaign 2018.

Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

NEA's Thunderclap was simultaneously posted by over 260 supporters, with a total social media reach of 731,908 people. Over 100 organisations also held bake sales or organised other fundraising activities as part of NEA's Nation's Biggest Housewarming, which also took place on Fuel Poverty Awareness Day.

NEA and E3G also jointly published a new report, titled Cold Homes and Excess Winter Deaths - A Preventable Public Epidemic That Can No Longer Be Tolerated. See viewtopic.php?f=86&t=1144

The hashtag #FuelPovertyAwarenessDay was trending on Twitter during the day, with many local authorities joining in with organisation and individuals around the UK tweeting their support.

See the ALEO Twitter account for retweets of many of the local authority messages posted under #FuelPovertyAwarenessDay.

To find out more about the NEA Warm Homes Campaign visit: The website also features videos and hints and tips about how to stay warm, well and safe your homes.

You can also find practical advice and information to help you make your home more efficient and energy costs more manageable on our Energy webpage.

Article updated: March 5, 2018