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Use it or lose it! Tell us what you'd like from the Wisbech Tesco Bus Service

The Wisbech Tesco Bus route (Service 68) launched in July 2017. Now in its ninth month, we need local people to suggest improvements so it can continue into the future.

Service 68 logo

Launched as a twelve month trial to replace the previous service axed by Stagecoach, funding is soon coming to an end. It is currently being supported by Section 106 development funding from Tesco.

Whilst the service is being used, more people need to use it for it to be made permanent. Customers have said they would be more likely to use the service if changes to the route and timetable were made.

We have reviewed the service and propose to remove areas of the route with lowest usage. This would allow the service to focus on more popular stops including Ramnoth Road, Tesco and the Horsefair. It is hoped that these changes will improve the service for existing users and encourage more people to get on board.

A consultation event is taking place at the Horsefair Bus Station on 8 June. We are inviting local people to drop in (between 10am and 1pm) to tell us what they'd like to see on the service. Comments can also be sent to All comments must be received by 4pm Friday 15th June.

Public feedback will be used to help design the new route that will launch later this year.

More information about the service and proposed changes is available at

Article added June 1, 2018