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National Concessionary Bus Pass Scheme

Information about the National Concessionary Bus Pass Scheme. To apply for a Pass, contact Cambridgeshire County Council on 0345 045 1367.

The National Concessionary Bus Pass Scheme in Cambridgeshire

From April 2011 Cambridgeshire County Council took full responsibility for the provision of concessionary bus passes in the county. This means that where eligible residents used  to apply to their District Councils for their pass, applications need to be made to Cambridgeshire County Council.  You can contact the County Council for a bus pass by telephoning 0345 045 1367

If you already have a bus pass issued by your District Council you do not need to reapply now that responsibility has changed to Cambridgeshire County Council as these passes will remain valid until the printed expiry date. Existing concessionary bus pass holders' information has been transferred to the County Council in order to continue the service. This data will be used only for the purpose of continuing the concessionary bus pass scheme. All data will be kept confidential.

Am I eligible for a concessionary bus pass?

The Government has changed the age of eligibility for concessionary travel to gradually coincide with the state pensionable age. By 6 April 2020 everyone will need to be aged 65 to qualify. This means that residents who turn 60 on or after 6 April 2010 will no longer be eligible on their 60th birthday.

Who is eligible for a national bus pass?

You may be eligible if you:

  • are over 61 (age eligibility depends on date of birth
  • are registered blind or partially sighted
  • are registered as profoundly or severely deaf
  • are without speech or have limited speech
  • are without the use of both arms
  • qualify for the higher rate mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance
  • have been or would be refused a driving licence for medical reasons
  • have a learning disability
First time application

To apply for a bus pass please call Cambridgeshire Direct on 0345 045 1367. You cannot apply in person. We recommended that you apply one month before your pass is needed.

If you are applying for your first bus pass they will complete the application over the phone and will send you a letter which you will need to sign. You will also need to supply a recent passport sized photograph along with your proof documents. You can get a passport sized photograph through photo booths that can be found in many larger shops and supermarkets. Please write your name and date of birth on the back.

When you have signed the letter return it with your proof of eligibility and photograph to Concessionary Bus Pass Administration, PO Box 144, St Ives, Cambridgeshire PE27 9AU. Do not send original documents, photocopies are accepted. Once your application is processed your bus pass will be posted to you direct.

Proof of eligibility

You will need to prove that you are eligible for the pass. This means providing

  • proof of residence (eg Council Tax or Utility Bill);
  • age (eg passport or driving licence);
  • or disability (eg disability registration form or signed confirmation from your healthcare professional).

If you have already received a letter inviting you to reapply you can do so online, below.

Apply for a Renewal

If you've lost your pass, you can apply for a replacement online.

Apply for a Replacement Pass

If your pass is due to expire?

You will receive a letter inviting you to renew and telling you how to reapply.

Use of Concessionary Fares Data

We are required under section 6 of the Audit Commission Act 1998 to participate in the National Fraud Initiative (NFI) data matching exercise. Concessionary Fares Data, including your data will be used for cross system and cross authority comparison for the prevention and detection of fraud.