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Memorial Safety

What the Council does to keep Cemeteries safe.

The Council is carrying out a rolling programme of memorial assessments. This involves trained staff who check that all memorials do not pose a potential or immediate danger to cemetery users.

Where a memorial is assessed as potentially dangerous, a notice will be attached to the memorial asking the Exclusive Rights holder to contact a memorial mason with a view to making the memorial more secure. A temporary support may also be applied. The Council will write to the Exclusive Rights holder (where known) advising them that their memorial is likely to become unsafe in the future and requires work to stop it deteriorating further. The Council will schedule a further inspection in 12 months.

If the memorial poses an immediate danger to the public at the time of assessment, a notice will be attached to the memorial stating that this is the case. It will ask the Exclusive Rights holder to instruct a memorial mason to address the issue. In addition, the Council will instruct a trained operative to lay the memorial flat to reduce the risk of public injury, should the memorial topple over. The Council will also write to the Exclusive Rights holder (where known) informing them of this.