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Bus Shelters

Find out which Bus Shelters are owned and maintained by Fenland District Council, and how to report a fault.

Bus Shelter

Report a problem with a bus shelter.

Fenland District Council aims to provide safe and clearly visible bus shelters, providing maintenance through routine inspection, maintenance and cleansing. When a problem is reported, the shelter will be inspected and the issue actioned within 10 working days. If the problem poses a serious danger to health and safety, a higher level of priority will be given to make the shelter safe.

Please note that some Town and Parish councils own and manage bus shelters. If so, the shelter will have their contact details and you will need to contact them directly to report a fault.

Bus Shelters owned by Fenland District Council display an information plaque showing its 'unique site reference number', which is useful to include if you need to report a fault.

The Bus Shelters that are managed by Fenland District Council are:

1. High Street, opposite No.614. Elm Road, outside the Braza Club18. Kirkgate Street13. Feldale Place
2. East Park Street, opposite No. 85. Broad Street, outside Barclays Bank19. Lynn Road, Southbound, junction Walton Road14. Kings Dyke, North, on A605
3. East Park Street, outside the Police Station6. Broad Street, outside Superdrug20. Lynn Road, Northbound, junction Walton Road15. Kings Dyke, South, on A605
  21. Mount Pleasant16. Peterborough Road, opposite Crossway Hand
  22. Norwich Road, near Mount Drive 
  23. Norwich Road, opposite Lerowe Road 
  24. St Michaels Avenue 
Ponders Bridge
9. North Green11. Eastrea Road, junction Wype Road8. Ramsey Road7. March Road
10. South Green12. Eastrea Road, opposite no. 271  

When new shelters are installed, it is Cambridgeshire County Council (as the Highway Authority) who ensure that the chosen location meets road safety requirements (such as visibility, sightlines for traffic emerging from road junctions or driveways) and that footpaths are wide enough. No bus shelter can be erected until this permission has been given.

Cambridgeshire County Council are also responsible for looking after Bus Timetables