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Clean streets

Report environmental issues that spoil the local area such as flytipping, graffiti and dog fouling.

Clean streets

We want Fenland to be a clean, green and safe place to live.

You can also discuss environmental issues with our Street Scene officers by emailing

We've just launched a 'Take the Lead' initiative where members of the public help us to stop environmental nuisance such as dog fouling, fly-tipping and litter. If you want to help, please sign up now!

  • Dog foulingDog fouling

    Dog fouling

    It is illegal to let your dog (or one in your care) foul on designated land and fail to clean up after it. We can fine people responsible £75 through a Fixed Penalty Notice and can take owners to court.

  • Fly tippingFly-tipping


    Flytipping is the illegal dumping or rubbish or bulky items on land that is not licensed to receive it. We will take action against those who choose to dump waste.

  • Street SweepingStreet sweeping

    Street sweeping

    Ask for a street to be swept, or find out about our street sweeping schedule.

  • Street binsLitter bins

    Litter bins

    Request for a bin to be emptied, moved or repaired. You can also submit a request for an additional bin.

  • GraffitiGraffiti


    We will remove graffiti on public property. Graffiti removal on private property is the responsibility of the owner, but the Council can remove this for a fee.

  • Dead animalDead animals

    Dead animals

    The Council will remove certain dead animals from public land or a public highway for free.

  • Broken glassBroken glass

    Broken glass

    Our street cleansing team will remove broken glass on public land.

  • SyringesSyringes or needles

    Syringes or needles

    Report syringes or needles found on public land.

  • Fly postingFly-posting


    Fly-posting is the illegal display of posters, stickers, boards and other advertisements on buildings and street furniture.

  • VandalismVandalism


    Vandalism is an illegal, antisocial activity that creates a negative impression of an area.

  • Dog foulingTake the lead

    Take the lead

    Join us to fight against environmental issues where you live!