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Fenland Strategic Partnership

The Fenland Strategic Partnership (FSP) brings together all of the local agencies and organisations that are dedicated to improving the district and making life even better for Fenland residents and businesses.

Current meetings

The FSP (Fenland Strategic Partnership) brings together local agencies and organisations to focus on projects that improve the quality of life for local people. The aim is to co-ordinate services across organisations, reduce duplication and focus on areas that are not being looked at by other organisations.

Priorities of the FSP are agreed yearly. They currently focus on:

  • supporting and integrating new arrivals
  • improving mental health
  • increasing the number of active volunteers by raising the profile of opportunities across Fenland.

The FSP meets every six months. This is discuss the progress of each priority and to see if their approach needs to be changed in order to deliver the priority. Between these meetings, the FPSB (Fenland Public Service Board) also works to deliver the agreed priorities on the FSP's behalf. 

Read the minutes and agendas from previous meetings. 

If you are interested in joining or would like more information, please email or call 01354 654321.