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Housing Advice

Free and confidential advice for anyone with housing issues, rent problems or is looking for accommodation.

Housing Advice

If you're a tenant, we can offer you advice on what housing options are available and on your housing situation. You can contact the team using our online form.

Our team can help you with:

Finding a place to live

We cannot guarantee we can secure a home for everyone, but can provide information and advice on Choice Based Lettings, local housing associations and about renting privately. We also offer a guide to security in the private sector. If you find accommodation and you are on a low income, we can advise on Local Housing Allowance to help you with the rent. We can offer advice by phone or interview, and depending on circumstances, a visit can be arranged.

Harassment and illegal eviction

All tenants have the right to 'quiet enjoyment' of their home. If this is being interfered with in any way by your landlord, you should seek advice straight away. Harassment and illegal eviction are criminal offences, and the Council can prosecute if appropriate.


Advice for people who are homeless, or may be in the future.

Rough sleepers

If you come across a rough sleeper, please email us at or report it through Streetlink

Accommodation certificates

If you are sponsoring someone to come into the UK to live with you permanently or for a short period, you may need a letter from the Council confirming that your accommodation is suitable for the current use and intended additional occupants. We can help you to apply for a accommodation certificate.  Upon request, the Council can visit a property and issue a letter to confirm a house meets current UK housing standards.

Notices to quit accommodation

This includes notices given to tenants because a tenancy is coming to an end, tenancy agreements that have expired or are expiring, and issues where tenants may have breached the terms of their tenancy agreement (e.g by non payment of rent).

Problems paying rent

Free help and specialist advice is available to agents, landlords and tenants to help maintain tenancies and resolve problems that may otherwise lead to evictions. This is provided by the Homelessness Prevention Trailblazers service who work across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. They can be contacted on 01480 388444 or at

Even if the service is unable to help directly, they may know of other services that can help with issues such as:

  • Housing Benefit claims (including applications for Discretionary Housing Payments)
  • Debt problems leading to rent arrears
  • Eviction & Harassment
  • Landlord Responsibilities
  • Property Repairs and Maintenance
  • Environmental Health and Housing Enforcement

Welfare Benefits

Benefits you might be entitled to, especially if your circumstances change. Checks can be carried out for people wanting to returned to work, if they are unsure how their benefits will be affected.

We also have a section on our website that provides help and advice for landlords.

Support for people over 65

Outreach support is offered to anyone over 65 living in Fenland who needs help to stay living independently in their homes for as long as possible. As well as helping to find more suitable accommodation, advice can be offered about improving home security and wellbeing. Anyone can apply; owner occupiers, private renters or those living in social housing. 

The support is offered through the Fenland Older People Outreach (which is part of Centra and is commissioned by Cambridgeshire County Council) service. 

If you would like more information please call 0300 004 0349 (freephone) or visit their website.

The Fenland Landlord Rents and Solutions Service

Fenland District Council and the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Trailblazer Project are working together to provide a free help and advice service to private sector landlords. We aim to provide fast and effective housing management support to landlords with rental properties in Fenland. The service can:

  • Assist with debt issues, including rent arrears
  • Coach tenants on tenancy obligations, including rent payments
  • Mediate
  • Help you to avoid the expense and inconvenience of evictions
  • Help steer you through the requirements of new legislation and regulations
  • Find suitable tenants 
  • Provide rent deposits and rent in advance

To talk to a member of the Landlord Rents and Solutions Service contact us on 01354 654321 or