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New Bins

What to do if you have no bins or if your bins are damaged, lost or stolen.

Waste and Recycling

Rented Accommodation

It is your landlord's responsibility to provide you with bins. If you move to a property that does not have bins, we can issue temporary special sacks.

We are unable to make landlords purchase bins. If they refuse, you will need to pay for them yourself. 

Moving to a property with no bins

The previous owners should have left the bins at the property. If not, contact your conveyancer/solicitor and ask for the return of the bins from the previous residents. We can provide temporary sacks during this time. Unfortunately it is your responsibility to pay for new bins if the previous ones are not returned.

Developers should provide bins in new properties. However, the owners will need to purchase bins if the developer has not provided them. 

Landlord and property developer responsibilities

It is the landlord / property developers responsibility to purchase bins for new properties. For new properties, this will be part of the planning conditions. The waste capacity required and the type of bins needed will depend on the numbers of people and type of property - advice is available from the RECAP Waste Management Design Guide.

Cost of new bins

The supply charges are (any colour):

1 bin = £30

2 bins = £50

3 bins (blue, brown and green) = £70

If you are in a household of more than five people and have too much recycling to fit into your existing blue bin, you may be eligible to get a second recycling bin for free. Request an extra blue bin.

Why the council charges for new bins

The Environmental Protection Act allows councils the option to charge for the supply of all waste containers. With the council delivering new bins to between 500-600 properties a year, these costs are significant.