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  • Parish and Town Councils and Councillors

    Parish or Town Councils are the most local level of government in England.

  • Parks

    Information about local parks and play areas.

  • Parson Drove Parish Council

    Contact details for Parson Drove Parish Council.

  • Personal Licence Application

    All sales of alcohol must be made by (or under the authority) of a Personal Licence holder.

  • Pest Control

    Advice on dealing with common types of pests.

  • Petitions

    How to submit a petition to the Council, and what happens when it is received. Click here to access a summary of Petitions previously submitted and considered by Full Council

  • Planning

    Apply for Planning Permission, find out if you need planning permission, view current planning applications and publicity, comment on a planning application and more.

  • Planning Decisions

    What happens when you receive a planning decision and how to appeal

  • Planning Enforcement (Compliance)

    Make a complaint about a suspected breach of planning control, and find out how the Council can investigate unauthorised building works.

  • Planning Forms, Fees and Validation Checklists

    Forms and information you need to submit a planning application.

  • Planning Policy and the Local Plan

    Read about our Local Plan, download our Supplementary Planning Documents and more.

  • Plans, Policies and Performance

    Find out more about how we run the Council and the services we deliver in your community.

  • Play Areas

    Fenland has 44 play areas offering BMX tracks, zip wires, parkour, climbing frames and even adult exercise equipment.

  • Pollution

    Air, Land, Water and advice on how to tackle other types of pollution.

  • Port (Wisbech)

    Wisbech Port is Cambridgeshire's only gateway to the sea, offering excellent facilities and competitive wharfage dues.

  • Port Health

    The council provides a Port Health service for Wisbech Port and Port Sutton Bridge.

  • Premise Licence

    A premise licence is required for any premise (including vehicles, vessels or moveable structures) which is to be used for licensable activities.

  • Private Hire Operator Licence

    You need an Operator Licence to run a Private Hire Business

  • Private Hire vehicles

  • Private Rented Accommodation

    Advice on if you're unhappy with the condition of your rented home, or about a HMO (House in Multiple Occupation).

  • Procurement and Purchasing

    Interested in selling to the council? Find out about our Procurement Strategy, current tenders and most recent suppliers list.

  • Public Speaking at Council Meetings

    Find out about the process, and when you need to contact us by.