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  • South Fens Business Centre

    A prestigious managed office and conference facility in Chatteris, South Fens Business Centre is an ideal base for local businesses.

  • Sandbags

    The Council cannot distribute sandbags to the public or local businesses. We recommend that you make arrangements to provide your own.

  • Scrap Metal Dealer licence

    Every scrap metal dealer is required to have a licence, and operating without one is a criminal offence.

  • Small Society Lottery Registration

    Under the Gambling Act 2005, groups running small society lotteries must be registered with the local authority where the society's principal office is located.

  • South Fens Enterprise Park

    Located on the edge of the popular Fenland town of Chatteris, the South Fens Enterprise Park offers modern office accommodation and warehouse space - ideal for new and expanding businesses.

  • Street Collecting

    If you are collecting money or selling goods for charitable purposes on a street or other public place, you need a street collection permit.

  • Street Furniture

    Information about Street Furniture and Street Name Plates, including how to report a fault.

  • Street Furniture Problems

    You can also tell us about problems with our car parks, street lights, bus shelters and more.

  • Street Lights

    How to report a fault and find out who owns a street light.

  • Street Naming & Numbering

    House name and numbering, Street name information, Postcodes

  • Street Pride

    How we work with you to make your community a great place to live. Get involved now!

  • Street sweeping

    Ask for a street to be swept, or find out about our street sweeping schedule.

  • Supplementary Planning Documents, Informal Guidance and the Fenland Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP)

    Supplementary Planning Documents provide further detail to the policies in the Local Plan. The Fenland IDP identifies the infrastructure needed to support growth in the district.

  • Syringes or needles

    Report syringes or needles found on public land.