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  1. Volunteers all set to clean for the Queen

    Volunteers will be turning out in force in support of the "Clean for the Queen" anti-litter campaign next month (March). Several Street Pride groups have...

  2. Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner Election Result

    Jason Ablewhite has been elected as Cambridgeshire's new Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). The vote took place on Thursday 5th May across Cambridgeshire...

  3. Town Results

    Here's where you can find the 2015 Election results for the Fenland towns Town Election Results March Town March East Candidate Name Political Party Votes...

  4. Electoral Services Privacy Notice

    Under GDPR, individuals have the right to be informed about the collection and use of their personal data, with this privacy notice being in relation to...

  5. Cambridgeshire County Council Result

    Here's where you can find out the Election result for Whittlesey North Division. Cambridgeshire County Council Result Whittlesey North Division Candidate...

  6. Information Sharing

    The Cambridgeshire Information Sharing Framework has been developed by a number of public organisations within the county. It is series of documents which...

  7. Accessibility

    Fenland District Council is committed to making sure that its website is as accessible as possible to disabled people, it is rated  External links disclaimer...

  8. Outside Body Appointments [101kb]

    Outside Body Appointments

  9. 2015 07 [30kb]

    2015 07

  10. 2011_05 [107kb]