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Street Furniture

Information about Street Furniture and Street Name Plates, including how to report a fault.

Street Furniture

If you spot a problem with street furniture, please report it to us.

In normal non-emergency circumstances, we will try and carry out an inspection and begin works within 10 working days (with emergency cases being prioritised). A full repair or replacement could take between two and eight weeks, depending on the item.

Within some towns and villages, some seats, litter bins, street lights or bus shelters may belong to the Town and Parish Council. This means that they are responsible for their maintenance and repair.

If you need to find out who is responsible for a specific item, please email assets&

What street furniture does Fenland District Council look after?

There are thousands of pieces of street furniture in Fenland, found across streets, pavements, town centres, parks and cemeteries. Usually, Fenland District Council is responsible for maintaining the following items:

  • Street Name Plates (where the road has been adopted by the local Highway Authority - Cambridgeshire County Council)
  • Public seats and benches (within Town Centre areas)
  • Tourist Information signs (usually brown signs with the Tourist Information symbols)
  • Litter and Dog Litter Bins
  • Bus Shelters
  • Cycle Racks and Shelters
  • Street Lights (only if the column says FDC or FPC)
  • District and Town Boundary signs
Street Name Plates

Putting up Street Name Plates on new developments is the responsibility of the site developer, and must follow the Council's Street Naming and Numbering policy. Once the development has been completed and the road has been adopted, the repair and replacement is undertaken by a contractor on behalf of Fenland District Council. Street name plates are there to identify the street, and are not intended to serve as a directional boundary, gateway, village or entrance sign. It is an offence to attach advertisements, deface or obstruct the plate.