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Wisbech Access Strategy

This section includes updates on major transport projects in Wisbech.

Car Park

The Wisbech Access Strategy is a package of individual transport schemes that aim to improve the transport network in Wisbech. These schemes have been tested to make sure that they are the best solutions to address the current problems on the transport network. They will also support future housing and job growth (set out in the Fenland Local Plan).

What's happened so far

Public consultation ran until 27 November 2017. This asked for views on each transport scheme, the package of schemes as a whole, and what the final recommendation should be to the Councils/Local Enterprise Partnership (the funders) to access the £10.5million for road transport improvements.

A large number of comments were received. Due to the volume and the variety of opinions received, Councillors took extra time to consider the way forward and their recommendations. On Wednesday, May 9, 2018, a press release was issued setting out an amended Wisbech Access Strategy approach, following the public consultation feedback. This press release can be viewed here

What's happening next?

May 2018

Wisbech Town Council Meeting

Cambridgeshire County Council Economy & Environment Meeting

Fenland District Council Cabinet meeting

June/July 2018

CPCA/Business Board

CPCA Board Meeting

August 20181st Payment of the £10.5million to start the detailed design of the short term schemes
September 2018Consultants appointed to carry out the Wisbech Rail Study
Dependant on the outcome of the Detailed Design stageKey Decision approval to progress with the construction of the short term package
April 20192nd Payment of the £10.5million to continue detailed design and to start the implementation of the short term schemes
April 20203rd Payment of the £10.5million to complete the implementation of the short term schemes
April 2021The short term phase is complete note the Elm High road A47 roundabout might extend past this period


More information about the proposed strategy

The documents at the bottom of the page explain more about the proposals. Each scheme is explained in full with study information and drawings. The Skanska Reports also provide lengthy technical information that forms the background of the project.