Sanitation Point and Service Block (March Town Bridge)

Information about usage of the sluice room, drinking water and the pump out facility

The March Town Bridge Sanitation Point and Service Block is on the Old River Nene. It is at the town bridge in the centre of March and offers:

  • Chemical toilet disposal and boat tank flush
  • Potable / drinking water
  • A boat pump out facility
  • Boat hold refuse collection

Coronavirus service update

Due to COVID-19 and a revised operating procedure in our Customer Service Centres, we are currently unable to issue tokens for the pump out facility at March Sanitation point. There will still be facilities for boats to use the Sluice Room and Potable Water facilities. 

There is a pump out facility available at Fox Marina. Please visit their website for current opening hours and arrangements. 

Sluice Room and Drinking Water facilities

A key is needed to access the Sluice Room and Drinking Water facilities. It costs £5.00 and can be bought from the Middle Level Commissioners officers (tel: 01354 653232), March Library or our offices on County Road.

Please do not use the chemical sluice facility if the beacon is flashing. If it is, please contact us straightaway. In an emergency, call 07768 427069.

The Sluice Room has been badly damaged in the past. This is because foreign objects have been forced down the sink, causing major pump damage. To keep facilities working and usable for everyone, please:

  • Only put pee, poo and toilet paper down the sluice sink
  • Use approved chemicals for portable toilets
  • Follow manufacturers instructions

Pump Out facility

The Pump Out facility is token operated. One token costs £15 and works for 15 minutes. This gives enough time to empty and flush the tank.

Tokens can be bought from March Library or our offices on County Road. 

Please respect the facility by following our terms of use:

  • No mooring is permitted (except for Sanitation Point use)
  • No access to the town centre from this facility
  • No boatwashing
  • No fly-tipping
  • No fishing

Please lock the doors after use and leave the facilities in good order.

For more information, email assets& or call 01354 654321.


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