Supplementary Planning Documents, Informal Guidance and the Fenland Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP)

Supplementary Planning Documents provide further detail to the policies in the Local Plan. The Fenland IDP identifies the infrastructure needed to support growth in the district

They can be used to provide further guidance for development on specific sites, or on particular issues, such as design.

Supplementary planning documents are capable of being a material consideration in planning decisions but are not part of the development plan.

The Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) explains the type of developer contributions that may be required
The Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS) summarises the amount of developer contributions obtained, allocated and spent in the previous financial year (April 2019 - March 2020)
The Resource Use and Renewable Energy SPD was adopted by Full Council on 24 July 2014
The Delivering and Protecting High Quality Environments in Fenland SPD was adopted by Full Council on 24 July 2014
The Cambridgeshire Flood and Water SPD was adopted by Full Council on 15 December 2016
On 18th December 2014, Full Council approved an informal guidance note to provide clarification on Part B of Policy LP4 - Housing. This relates to how non-allocated sites in the Local Plan will be considered for development.
The Fenland IDP was adopted by Full Council on 25th February 2016

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