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Getting It Sorted Recycling Competition

Can you help tackle Fenland's contamination culprits? Solve the case in new school recycling competition!

Inspector Blue

Inspector Blue - The Case of the Contamination Culprits is an aspirational new primary school competition which invites pupils to come up with creative ways to help tackle real-life recycling contamination problems.

Recycling contamination happens when items that haven't been emptied or washed out properly, or wrong items, are put into recycling bins.

It's a messy business, with the most common culprits being full bottles of liquids, dirty plastic containers and boxes, carrier bags, black bags, pet food pouches and tissues.

Every year, tonnes of valuable recyclables are being wasted and not recycled at all due to these wrong items being placed in recycling bins! This comes at a huge cost - both financially and environmentally - to the Council and local communities.

Now children are being asked to help Inspector Blue solve the recycling mysteries by coming up with ways to help keep Fenland's blue bins contamination free!

Prizes include a year's free recycling service for your school, worth up to £660.

How to enter

The competition has now closed and winners will be announced in the coming months.

Participants were invited to come up with solutions to three different contamination issues. Entrants could use the template provided in the entry form, but were not restricted to it. They could come up with any idea they think might work such as a class video, a TikTok story, an art project, a poster, or a local community event.

Rules of entry

  • All Key Stage 1 and 2 children aged 5 - 11 from Fenland are eligible to take part
  • Entries can be made as an individual, a class or a whole school
  • Multiple entries allowed
  • By entering, you agree for the entry to be used in any associated publicity by Fenland District Council

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