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Wisbech PSPO (alcohol)

New powers are reinforcing ongoing work to tackle alcohol-fuelled incidents and anti-social behaviour in Wisbech

The powers came into effect on October 20, 2017. Following reviews, as required in law, the Order was extended for a further 3 year period from the 20th October 2020, and again for a further 3 year period from the 20th October 2023.

The PSPO order restricts alcohol in three street drinking hotspots:

  • Tillery Fields
  • St Peter's Church Gardens
  • the memorial garden in The Crecent

Authorised officers also have the power to tackle alcohol-related anti-social behaviour across a wider area. This includes in Wisbech Town Centre. 

The PSPO makes it an offence to possess any open containers of alcohol in the three hotspot areas. It is also an offence to drink alcohol in the town centre when asked to stop and to refuse to surrender alcohol.

Anyone caught breaching the order could be arrested by police, be issued with a £75 Fixed Penalty Notice or reported for prosecution through the courts.

The order can be enforced by police officers, PCSOs and authorised persons representing Fenland District Council.

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