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Fenland Transport and Access Group

Find out more about the Fenland Transport and Access Group and the work they do.

Who are the Fenland Transport and Access Group (TAG)?

The TAG consists of representatives from a range of key stakeholders with similar aims and a specific interest in transport issues, particularly for people without a car.

The TAG Steering Group representatives may vary depending on the current strategic focus but the core membership draws together professional experience from transport planning, public and community transport operations, independent living support and elected members.

What does the TAG do?

The TAGs purpose is to ensure that there is one integrated approach for transport and accessibility in the Fenland area, one approach to address the challenges of a local rural transport network.

The group provides important stakeholder views for consideration in council policy decisions. Its aim being to ensure that transport is available to meet the basic needs of all Fenland residents. To ensure these are clearly identified and fully understood, community engagement and evidence gathering is an essential part of the TAGs work.

By member organisations working together and engaging the local community the TAG produces a strong voice to secure transport improvements, raise awareness of existing travel choices to assist with their ongoing sustainability and undertake research.

Work that the TAG has completed to date includes:

  • The development of a series of A to B: Case Study leaflets helping people without access to a car travel more easily.
  • The creation of the Fenland Transport Directory, providing a single source of local transport information for Fenland District Council.
  • Securing Section 106 funding for a new bus service in Wisbech (Service 68).
  • Access to Healthcare research, highlighting and evidence local transport links to GP surgeries and North Cambs Hospital.
  • The inception and delivery Transport Champions training, providing guidance and support for local members of key organisations and the community to enable them to access and help others access existing local transport.

The TAG also monitors the progress of the Fenland Cycling, Walking and Mobility Aid Improvement Strategy

How can I get in contact with the TAG?

To contact the TAG about transport or access experiences or issues in Fenland please email

To provide your views and feedback about walking and cycling in Fenland please complete the online survey.

Highways Reporting

You can report highways faults in Cambridgeshire online here.

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