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Community Transport

Travel options for people that can't use public transport

Community transport fills the gaps left by most public transport services. It is there to help people who:

  • can't use 'normal' buses because of health or mobility problems; or
  • don't have a bus service in their area; or
  • can't use public transport because it doesn't take them where (or when) they need to go

There are three different types of community transport schemes in Fenland.

Dial-A-Ride (FACT)

Dial-A-Ride works like a flexible bus service. It is operated by FACT (Fenland Association for Community Transport). The service is designed for people who cannot access or use conventional modes of transport, including wheelchair users. 

Accessible minibuses pick up passengers at home. Services are based on a timetable and route, 6 days a week.

Passengers must book at least 24 hours before they want to travel. 

You need to be a FACT member to use the Dial-A-Ride scheme. Membership costs £10 a year. Cambridgeshire County Council bus pass holders can use the service for free. 

For more information, visit the FACT website or call 01354 661234.

Group Hire

Group Hire is where voluntary groups, community groups, clubs and not-for-profit organisations can hire vehicles with a driver. This is a good option if you are a group or society that needs transport for a day outing or to get people to your venue.

Group Hire in Fenland is provided by FACT. They have a fleet of wheelchair accessible vehicles. For more information, visit the FACT website or call 01354 661234. 

Community Car Schemes

Community Car Schemes are for people who have difficulty using public transport or have no access to public transport. They offer organised door-to-door lifts for people who have no other way of making essential medical or social journeys. 

Schemes are run by volunteers a bit like a taxi service. Passengers pay toward the cost of their journey and there is a minimum charge. 

All journeys depend on driver availability. Passengers are asked to give as much notice as possible (at least 24-48 hours). 

There are schemes covering every town and village in Fenland. It is best to call them for information as they all run slightly differently:

  • Chatteris, Doddington, Benwick and Manea Community Car Scheme - 07944 814156
  • Elm, Friday Bridge, Coldham and Christchurch Community Car Scheme - 07902 316360
  • Leverington, Newton and Tydd Community Car Scheme - 07879 082158
  • Parson Drove Surgery Car Scheme (for medical appointments only) - 07766 534280
  • Whittlesey Community Car Scheme - 07810 427483
  • Wimblington, March and Stonea Community Car Scheme - 07563 782938
  • Wisbech Community Car Scheme - 07541 400780
  • Wisbech St Mary and Parson Drove Community Car Scheme - 07592 407283

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