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Environmental Permitting

If you are creating emissions from certain industrial processes, you will need an Environmental Permit

The Council and the Environment Agency regulate emissions to the environment from a large number of industrial installations. This means that a permit is required before they can operate. The permit must explain how they will minimise pollution to protect the environment and people's health. 

Operators of large installations (known as A1 processes) are usually controlled by the Environment Agency. Examples of these types of processes include power stations and chemical works.

Small and medium sized processes (known as A2 and B processes) are controlled by the Council. These include waste mobile crushing and screening, petrol filling stations and dry cleaners. 

If you need further advice, please email or call 01354 654321.

Application forms

To apply for a permit, please complete the form below that matches your activity. You will also need to pay the relevant fee.

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