Policies and Strategies

Find out more about how we run our services

Find out how we've worked with residents, partners, businesses and community groups over the past year to deliver priorities outlined within our Business Plan
Our Asset Management Plan explains how we will manage our property portfolio
Our Business Plan sets out the projects we will deliver across Fenland over the next 12 months. Its overall aim is to address social, environmental and economic needs in order to improve the quality of life for local people
View the CMT, Cabinet and Senior Officers at Fenland District Council
We have a code, with six themes, which helps us to maintain and deliver good governance
Our Corporate Debt policy explains how we collect debts owed to us and how to contact us to get advice
Our Corporate Enforcement Policy explains how we will support businesses and the community to understand and meet regulatory requirements
Our Corporate Risk Register summarises risks that could impact the organisation and the controls that are in place to manage them
Our Draft Culture Strategy is subject to consultation during January 2021
We're working with partners to tackle health inequalities in Fenland
Our Housing Enforcement Policy explains how we will consistently and fairly enforce housing legislation to raise standards in the private housing sector
We have signed up to the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Information Sharing Framework. This aims to facilitate effective data sharing whilst complying with Data Protection requirements
Our strategy outlines how we aim to increase community involvement in our local railways, improve our railway stations and lobby for service improvements
RIPA is the legislation that governs how public bodies can undertake covert surveillance in the detection and prevention of crime
We are committed to delivering services that safeguard those who engage with them

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