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By proxy (on your behalf)

You can allow someone to vote on your behalf (by proxy). To do this, you and your proxy must be on the Register of Electors

You can apply for a proxy:

  • for a specific election; or
  • for a certain length of time; or
  • permanently

Apply for a proxy vote

Remember to ask your proxy's permission before you apply.

You'll need:

  • your National Insurance number or any other identity document, for example a birth certificate
  • the address where your proxy is registered to vote
  • contact details for your proxy

You'll also need to upload a photo of your handwritten signature in black ink on plain white paper.

If you are unable to access the online application or need assistance to complete your application please contact the Elections Team at

When applying, you need to say why you want to vote by proxy. If the application is for a permanent proxy, you must get someone to support it. 

Applications to vote by proxy must be received by our Electoral Registration Officer by 5pm on the 6th working day before poll.

You must tell your proxy which candidate you want to vote for.

If you've changed your mind and want to vote in person, you can as long as your proxy hasn't already voted on your behalf.

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