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Car Parks

Find your nearest car park in Fenland, who owns it and any parking restrictions.

Car Park

The Council runs 17 car parks in Fenland. It is free to park in all of them, but you must comply with the general terms of use and restrictions (listed below).

At certain times of the year, some car parks are used for funfairs which means fewer parking spaces will be available.

There are also 2 public car parks in Fenland that are operated privately. These are:

  • Horsefair, Wisbech (PE13 1AR) with 380 spaces
  • Mill View, March (PE15 8RE) with 275 spaces and a maximum stay of 2 hours.

Report a problem with a Fenland District Council Car Park

Fenland District Council's Car Parks

Number of spaces
Location Map

Furrowfields (PE16 6DY)


Furrowfields Car Park Map

Church Lane (PE16 6JA)


Church Lane Car Park Map


Darthill Road (PE15 8NT)


Darthill Road Car Park Map

Market Place (PE15 9JF)


No Parking 0400 - 1900 Wed or Sat

Maximum stay 2 hours 0900 - 1800 Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri

Market Place Car Park

Lorry Park (PE15 9LS)

3672 hours maximum stay

Lorry Park Car Park

City Road (PE15 9LS)

18324 hours maximum stay

City Road Car Park

Library (PE15 9LS)

5624 hours maximum stay

Library Car Park Map

Robingoodfellows Lane (PE15 8NT)

14GeneralRobin Goodfellows Lane Car Park Map
Queen Street (PE17 1AY)8524 hours maximum stay

Queen Street Car Park Map

Eastgate (PE17 1SE)11424 hours maximum stay

Eastgate Car Park Map

Station Road (PE17 1UF)22General

Station Road Car Park Map

Woolpack Lane (PE17 1BS)45General

Woolpack Lane Car Park Map

Parkinson Lane (PE17 1BS)27General

Parkinson Lane Car Park


Church Terrace (PE13 1BL)

40124 hours maximum stay

Church Terrace Car Park Map

West Street (PE13 2ND)

162 hours maximum stay

West Street Car Park Map

Chapel Road (PE13 1RG)


Chapel Road Car Park Map

Somers Road (PE13 2RA)


Somers Road Car Park Map

All of Fenland District Council's Public Car Parks are subject to general terms of use:

General Terms of Use
  • No vehicle servicing, repairs or washing
  • 24 hours maximum stay
  • No sleeping, cooking or camping
  • No lighted fires
  • No vending or trading (expected when permitted by Fenland District Council)
  • No advertising or business use (except when permitted by Fenland District Council)
  • No loud msuic or use of horns, sirens etc (except when permitted by Fenland District Council)
  • No HGV's (except when permitted by a parking places order)
  • No misuse of disabled bays
  • No fly tipping, deposit of litter or other substances
  • No threatening or abusive conduct
  • All vehicles must have a valid license, MOT certificate and be insured for use on the Public Highway
  • No playing games within the car park
  • No skating, sliding, riding on rollerskates, skateboards or self-propelled vehicles in the car park.

Some car parks are subject to Off Street Parking Places Orders and have specific regulations over and above the general terms of use. These are March Place (March), City Road (March), Grosvenor Road (Eastgate - Whittlesey), Somers Road (Wisbech), Church Terrace (Wisbech) and West Street (Wisbech).