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Cambridgeshire Energy Switch

Residents can save money on their energy bill through a new 'collective switching' scheme.

If you'd like to save money on your energy bills whilst keeping the switching process quick and easy, you may be interested in the Cambridgeshire Energy Switch scheme.

The scheme works through 'collective switching'. This uses the combined buying power of local residents to negotiate cheaper prices directly with energy companies. So rather than switching provider and reducing your energy bill as an individual, people register to switch and save as a big group at the same time. 

The more people who take part, the greater the chance of getting a competitive energy deal. 

Sign up and save

You can register for free and find out more information on the Cambridgeshire Energy Switch website.  Alternatively you can request a paper application form by emailing or by calling 01354 654321.

Energy suppliers will take part in auctions every few months. After each auction, you'll be sent a personal energy offer which you can choose to accept or not.