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Street Lights

How to report a fault and find out who owns a street light.

Street Lamp

Reporting a fault

You can report all faults (regardless of who owns the street light) to Cambridgeshire County Council online, by emailing or calling 0800 7838247. Please give as much detail as possible including the street light number, exact location and problem.

In extreme emergencies, please report the fault immediately to the Police (where faults such as knock-downs are likely to cause severe injury or an immediate risk to life.)

All street lighting faults (including illuminated bollards and signs) are dealt with by Balfour Beatty, our street lighting contractor. Usually all faults are responded to within five working days. Faults that are extremely dangerous are usually made safe within 2 hours of being reported.

Non emergency works, and new installations that require connection or disconnection by the Regional Electricity Board may take up to 30 days.

How do I know who owns a street light?

Cambridgeshire County Council own and are responsible for the majority of lighting on the street, roads, footpaths and dual carriageways in Fenland - which is about 57,000 street lights and 2500 illuminated bollards.

Fenland District Council maintains around 1750 street lights across the district (including some on behalf of Parish Council's and Roddons Housing Association), found along footways, residential streets, council owned car parks, leisure centres and in parks and open spaces.

If Fenland District Council owns a street lighting unit, it will have a white plastic asset tag attached to the lighting column, followed by three letters - i.e FDC7. The tag could also have the following:

  • 'CCC' or a single number with no letter prefix. This means the unit is owned and managed by Cambridgeshire County Council.
  • 'FPC'. This means the unit is owned by a Parish Council, and is managed by Fenland District Council.

When reporting a fault, it helps us if you can quote the street light (or illuminated sign) number and provide the following details:

  • Asset Tag Reference - (FDC1, FPC1, CCC1 or just a single number)
  • Town, Parish or locality
  • Street (or footpath from/to)
  • Location (outside Number 30, between 38/40, opposite 23 etc)
  • Problem (lamp out, dim, on during day, damaged column, column door missing etc)