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Water pollution

The Council can investigate problems relating to the quality of bathing waters, mains water supplies and drainage.

Water pollution

Water pollution happens when poisonous, noxious or polluting substances get into inland and coastal waters (including groundwater.) It is illegal to cause water pollution.

The Council is involved in monitoring the quality of:

Bathing Waters

Pool operators are responsible for the quality in water in swimming pools. This includes leisure centres, private health clubs, hotels, outdoor pools, hospital hydrotherapy pools, Jacuzzis and public paddling pools. The Council will ensure water quality is correctly checked during routing sampling, and will respond to complaints from pool users who are concerned about the quality of the water.

Mains Water Supplies

The Council examines the quality of mains water in our food manufacturers and breweries. We may occasionally be involved in testing the quality of domestic mains water, although this is normally done by the water authority. The Drinking Water Inspectorate provides more information about the quality of the local drinking water.

Private Water Supplies

None are currently known in Fenland, but if you think you have a private water supply then please tell us.

If you want to discuss a drainage or a water pollution problem, then email the Council on or call 01354 654321.

For enquiries about the River Wash or pollution of ditches, please contact the Environment Agency.