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Sewage Treatment Works and Pumping Stations

Information about sewage treatment works and pumping stations within Fenland

Anglian Water Services (AWS) look after most sewers, sewage treatment works and pumping stations in Cambridgeshire.

There are also a large number of small plants, cess pits and septic tanks that are privately owned. Usually, the people who 'benefit' from these are responsible for looking after them. 

We manage and run a small number of sewage treatment works and pumping stations. These are generally in rural locations serving ex-council houses.

Fenland District Council (FDC) Sewage Treatment Works and Pumping Stations

The table below lists the plants that we maintain. To report a problem with one of these, please email assets&

Belt DroveElmSewage Treatment WorksBetween Number 6 and 7
Burnthouse RoadTurvesSewage Treatment WorksAccess between Number 41 and 43
Churchill RoadGorefieldSewage Treatment WorksBehind Number 21
Church LaneNewtonSewage Treatment WorksOn Fenland Gate Access Track
Fen RoadGuyhirnSewage Treatment WorksBehind Number 1
Garden LaneWisbech St MarySewage Treatment WorksRight of Number 14
Common Bank / Inkerson FenThrockenholtSewage Treatment WorksBetween Number 2 and 3
Lindens CloseThorney TollSewage Treatment WorksRear access road behind properties
Nene ParadeWisbechPumping StationPort of Wisbech Land
Newgate RoadTydd St GilesSewage Treatment WorksBetween Number 14 and 15
Newlands RoadParson DroveSewage Treatment WorksBehind Number 16
Overstone RoadColdhamSewage Treatment WorksBehind Number 14
Ramsey RoadPondersbridgeSewage Treatment WorksBetween 226 and 228
Sanitation PointMarchPumping StationTown Centre
Long Drove / WalderseaFriday BridgeSewage Treatment WorksBetween Number 6 and 7
Fenland WayChatterisPumping StationTraveller site
Newbridge LaneWisbechPumping StationTraveller site
SandbankWisbech St MarySewage Treatment WorksTraveller site
SeadykeMurrowSewage Treatment WorksTraveller site
Turf Fen BridgeMurrowSewage Treatment WorksTraveller site

Most property owners connected to a Council asset are made aware when buying their property.


You will pay a charge for sewage treatment if the sewage from your household is processed by one of our Sewage Treatment Works. You pay:

  • AWS for your incoming water supply; and
  • FDC for running the plant that treats your sewage that leaves your property

The sewage charge covers the operation and maintenance of the Sewage Treatment Works that serves the property. 

We use AWS Tariff Rates (either Rateable Value or Volumetric Water Usage) to calculate the annual service charge. This begins every year on April 1st or when you move into your property.

Our invoices must be paid within 14 days. You can set up half-yearly or monthly instalments by contacting our Sundry Debtors Team at or by calling 01354 654321.

Drains and sewers linking properties to FDC Sewage Treatment Works

Drains and sewers running between properties and sewage treatment works are classed as 'Private'. This means that properties connected to them are responsible for their maintenance and repair. 

If a problem occurs along a private system, properties that drain to this point are jointly and equally responsible for the cost of dealing with the problem. This may involve removing a blockage, making a repair and cleaning up afterward.

FDC do not own and are not responsible for private sewers or drains linked to sewage treatment works.

Blockages can cause real problems for drainage and the sewage treatment process. To reduce the chance of blockages and keep things working effectively, we suggest:

  • Don't put fats, oils or greases down the drain
  • Put wipes, nappies, sanitary products and paper kitchen towels in your green bin (not down the toilet)
  • Don't use too much bleach and cleaning products (they can prevent bacteria in the sewage treatment works working properly)
  • Use liquid washing agents, not powders. 

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