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Common questions about being on the Electoral Register

Information about student, armed forces and overseas worker registration

This page answers some common questions about electoral registration. If you can't find the information you're looking for, please email 

Students living away from home

Students can register in more than one place. They don't need to be removed from the register at home, even if they have registered at their university address. 

Students can vote in local elections if registered in two areas. By law, they can only vote once in Parliamentary elections. 

People in the armed forces

Members of the armed forces can register as service voters or as an ordinary elector at their home address. 

Working abroad

If your employment takes you out of the country for more than six months in one year, you should register as an Overseas elector. You will need to have been previously registered in the Fenland area. Overseas electors can only vote at national elections.

Living overseas

If you are a British Citizen and have registered in the Fenland area in the last 15 years, you can register online as an overseas voter.

Voting without a 'permanent residence' in Fenland

If you are homeless, living in temporary accommodation, or are mooring, you may be classed as living in a non-permanent residence. 

If you don't have a permanent residence in Fenland, but are connected to the district, you can register as a 'Local Connection' elector. Please contact the Elections team for more information and an application form. 

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