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Town/Parish Election Results

Contested wards


Chatteris The Mills (3 seats)

Election CandidateVotes ReceivedResult
Benney, Ian            273Elected
Chappell, Steven            195 
Hay, Anne            240Elected
Unwin, Susan            261Elected


Turnout: 23.64

March East (2 seats)

Election CandidateVotes ReceivedResult
Ali, Levent           384 
Bultitude, Katharine           389 
Field, Martin           396Elected
Harris, Stuart           431Elected



March North (4 seats)

Election CandidateVotes ReceivedResult
Chapman-Cameron, Camay         451 
Court, Stephen         614Elected
French, Kim         651Elected
Lawler, Jennifer         789Elected
Orbell, Hannah         615Elected
Smith, Ashley         558 
Williams, Pippa         513 


Turnout: 28.14%

March South (2 seats)

Election CandidateVotes ReceivedResult
Christy, Gary           434Elected
French, Jan           433Elected
Hale, Clare           302 
Williams, Robert           274 


Turnout: 26.50%

Whittlesey Coates and Eastrea (2 seats)

Election CandidateVotes ReceivedResult
Clay, Stephen           95 
Miscandlon, Alex          246 
Wainwright, Barry          267Elected
Wicks, Bob          295Elected


Turnout: 25.05%

Whittlesey St Andrews (2 seats)

Election CandidateVotes ReceivedResult
Bibb, Peter            219 
Black, Simon            286Elected
Mayor, Kay            301Elected


Turnout: 30.08%

Wisbech Claremont (1 seat)

Election CandidateVotes ReceivedResult
Caplinskij, Andre            12 
Read, Tom            40Elected


Turnout: 16.94%

Wisbech Clarence (1 seat)

Election CandidateVotes ReceivedResult
Oliver, Jess            39 
Roy, Dal            41Elected


Turnout: 25.72%

Wisbech Clarkson (2 seats)

Election CandidateVotes ReceivedResult
Clee, Anthony           102 
Oliver, Dave           179Elected
Pehlivanova, Boryana           151Elected
Richardson, Peter            89 


Turnout: 15.84%

Wisbech Medworth (2 seats)

Election CandidateVotes ReceivedResult
Edwards, Jamie            248Elected
Hill, Michael            178 
Tierney, Steve            326Elected


Turnout: 26.16%

Wisbech North (2 seats)

Election CandidateVotes ReceivedResult
Foice-Beard, Lucie           195Elected
Ketteringham, Trevor           180Elected
Scott, Martin           105 
Wheeldon, Alan           121 


Turnout: 17.01%

Wisbech Octavia Hill (4 seats)

Election CandidateVotes ReceivedResult
Freeman, Peter           371 
Freeman, Ruth           362 
Hoy, Samantha           590Elected
Human, Peter           517Elected
Sagoo, David           457Elected
Wallwork, Susan           553Elected


Turnout: 24.23%

Wisbech Peckover East (1 seat)

Election CandidateVotes ReceivedResult
Burton, Stuart            94 
Meekins, Nick           182Elected


Turnout: 26.37%

Wisbech Peckover West (1 seat)

Election CandidateVotes ReceivedResult
Carney, Stephanie           83 
Tanfield, Janet         150Elected


Turnout: 31.88%

Wisbech Walsoken (3 seats)

Election CandidateVotes ReceivedResult
Bucknor, Michael            328 
Bucknor, Virginia            346 
Imafidon, Sidney            424Elected
Patrick, David            398Elected
Rafique, Shahid            387Elected
Salvidge, Sylwia            370 


Turnout: 26.83%

Wisbech Waterlees (1 seat)

Election CandidateVotes ReceivedResult
Monger, Garry            213Elected
Rackley, Billy            209 


Turnout: 22.39%

Uncontested wards


Benwick (6 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Ablewhite, JasonElected
Chapman, MarkElected
Emmitt, RichardElected
Few, RegElected
Keppel-Spoor, LynElected
Taylor, RobertElected

Chatteris Birch (3 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Carney, JamesElected
Selman, SharonElected
Siggee, MatthewElected

Chatteris Slade Lode North (2 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Charrier, AstridElected
Gowler, AlanElected

Chatteris Slade Lode South (1 seat)

Election CandidateResult
Keating, AliceElected

Chatteris Wenneye (3 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Ashley, LindaElected
Murphy, PeterElected

Christchurch (4 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Bliss, JillElected
Hughes, JamesElected
Owen, PeterElected
Sparrow, AndrewElected

Doddington (9 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Fisher, HiltonElected
Hopkins, RuthElected
Hufton, RuthElected
Jolley, LucyElected
Leonard, RobinElected
Mason, RaymondElected
McNulty, IanElected
Shepherd, JasonElected
Welcher, JohnElected

Elm Coldham (1 seat)

Election CandidateResult
Hopkin, RosaElected

Elm and Friday Bridge (3 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Cage, KevinElected
Ferguson, WendyElected
Milham, RobinElected

Gorefield (7 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Humphrey, MichaelElected
Thatcher, PeterElected


Inquorate - a new election to fill remaining vacancies will be held in due course.

Leverington (5 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Baker, BryanElected
Collins, RachelElected
Downes, JimElected
Edghill, SusanElected
Ward, SheilaElected

Manea (6 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Bonos, BenElected
Coupland, JanetElected
Marks, CharlieElected
O'Keefe, JanetElected
Payne, DavidElected
Usher, NickElected

March Peas Hill (2 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Spencer, NigelElected
Woollard, AndrewElected

March Town End (1 seat)

Election CandidateResult
Purser, MarkElected

March West (1 seat)

Election CandidateResult
Taylor, TimElected

Newton-in-the-Isle (3 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Bradley, RichardElected
Clark, SamanthaElected
Freeman, DuncanElected

Parson Drove (5 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Booth, GavinElected
Fowler, RichardElected
Spriggs, PeterElected
Unwin, PaulElected
Williams, PamelaElected

Tydd St Giles (5 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Allen, BenedictElected
Brown, TerenceElected
Carter, MalcolmElected
Malin, KearnElected
Renshaw, AdamElected

Whittlesey Bassenhally (3 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Boden, ChrisElected
Dorling, EamonnElected
Nawaz, HaqElected

Whittlesey Lattersey (2 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Arman, SaeedElected
Mockett, JasonElected

Whittlesey North West (3 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Laws, DeeElected
Sennitt Clough, ElisabethElected
Whitwell, RayElected

Whittlesey South (2 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Dickinson, DianaElected
Gerstner, RoyElected

Wimblington (9 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Abbott, MicheleElected
Best, JohnElected
Clark, PaulElected
Davis, MaureenElected
Dent, JulieElected
Harding, JudithElected
Hennen, ChristopherElected
Johnson, AngelaElected
Wright, LizElected

Wisbech St Mary (8 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Allen, CharlesElected
Blackmore, RichardElected
Britain, BarryElected
Humphrey, JohnElected
Knight, MarkElected
Mann, StephenElected
Weldon, AngelaElected
Wheeler, DavidElected

Wisbech St Mary Murrow (3 seats)

Election CandidateResult
Booth, GavinElected
Fryett, MarkElected
Scrimshaw, DavidElected

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