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Council urges the rising number of people in Fenland facing homelessness to seek help early

Anyone in Fenland who is worried they may face homelessness is urged to contact the district council for help.

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The number of people facing homelessness continues to increase year-on-year and the council is keen to offer early support to help people before they reach crisis point.

Fenland District Council portfolio holder for housing, Cllr Sam Hoy, said: "Times remain extremely tough for people with cost-of-living, rents and mortgage rate increases.

"We know there are lots of issues with hidden homelessness for people who are sofa surfing or living in precarious situations with relatives or friends.

"We understand how difficult and worrying it is to ask for help, but the earlier you do, the more available solutions there are. This is the case even if you've reached a point where you fear there are few solutions left.

"We can signpost to help whatever your current living arrangements, whether you live in private rented accommodation, social housing, have a mortgage or a temporary living arrangement."

The council can help with things like supporting people to access additional benefits or payments, signposting to advice on getting their housing situation improved, mediation between tenants and landlords, and support with deposits where there is a threat of homelessness.

In April to end of December last year, 1,643 households were given housing advice by the council. That was an 8 per cent increase on the same period in 2022.

The council gave housing advice to 1,856 households in 2018/19. In 2022/23 it was 2,093.

Early council intervention leads to better outcomes for people facing homelessness. It creates more opportunity to ensure a secure, longer-term solution. It's also better for the public purse with less need for costly emergency accommodation.


Housing advice is available for both residents and landlords on our Housing Advice webpage.

People who feel they are at risk of becoming homeless can visit our Homelessness webpage.

Alternatively, email or call 01354 654321. Face-to-face appointments can be arranged.

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February 2024

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