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Street Pride Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Information on the main roles and responsibilities within Street Pride committees

Street Pride groups have committees, made up of volunteers who support the organisation and running of the group. Committee members are elected by the group, usually at an annual general meeting (AGM).

Descriptions of the main roles and responsibilities of committee members can be found below.

For more information on committee roles and responsibilities, please email or call 01354 654321.

Main committee roles

The Chair

The main responsibilities of the chair are to:

  • Lead meetings of the committee and make final decisions.
  • Ensure the committee works together as a team.
  • Have an overview of the work of the group.
  • Act as the main contact for the group.
  • Act as the spokesperson for the group, for example, representing the group at functions, meetings or in the press.

The responsibilities listed aren't exclusively roles for the chair, but gives an understanding of what the role can include.

Vice Chair

  • Acts as deputy for the chair, taking on the chair's role in their absence.


Generally, the treasurer helps committees carry out their financial responsibilities. They might do this by:

  • Overseeing finances, ensuring that financial records are kept.
  • Overseeing the preparation of annual financial reports.
  • Advising the committee on how to carry out its financial responsibilities.

The treasurer does not have sole responsibility for the group's finances. It is up to the committee as a whole to decide how funds will be raised and spent.


A secretary is someone that takes a lead on the admin and organisation of committee meetings. They would generally be responsible for:

  • Recording the minutes and decisions of the committee.
  • Sending out invitations out for committee meetings. 
  • Dealing with any correspondence on behalf of the group.
  • Act as a contact for the group and/or new members.

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