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Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit can help you pay your rent on the property you live in if you're unemployed, on a low income or claiming benefits

We are part of the Anglia Revenues Partnership (ARP) which delivers an efficient Council Tax and Housing Benefit service across five Councils.

Visit the ARP website to view full information about Housing Benefit and sign into your account.  This page also provides links to the most popular questions.  

Apply for Housing Benefit

You will need to give supporting evidence with your application. 

Who can get Housing Benefit

To qualify, you must have savings of less than £16,000 unless you receive the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit.  

For most working age people, Housing Benefit is no longer available to claim. This because it is being replaced by Universal Credit. Find out if you can claim Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

There is no set amount of housing benefit. What you get depends on whether you rent socially or privately. 

Report a change in circumstance

We need accurate information from you to provide the right amount of benefit. Report a change of circumstances.

If your personal circumstances change, you must tell us straightaway. Examples include:

  • change of address
  • changes to your income (wages, savings or pension)
  • changes to other benefits you receive (e.g tax credits)
  • someone moves in or out of your property
  • a period of temporary absence from your property
  • a change to the amount of rent you pay
  • a birth of a child, or a child leaving home

You also need to tell us about any change of circumstances of people living with you. 

If you don't tell us about a change and receive too much benefit, you will be responsible for paying it back and could be prosecuted. 


A benefit overpayment is when you are given more money than you are entitled to. This may happen if we don't know your circumstances have changed. In most cases we expect you to pay back any money you were not entitled to.

If you have been overpaid Housing Benefit, you should pay the full amount shown on your invoice as soon as possible. Find out how to repay an overpayment.

How it is paid

Housing Benefit is usually paid directly into your bank or building society account every four weeks. Payments are usually made direct to people who rent privately. If your landlord is a housing association, we can pay them directly if you wish. Find out more about Housing Benefit payments.

Backdated or advance claims

If you're of working age, a benefit application can be backdated by up on one month from the date of your claim. This is if you have a good reason why you did not make the claim at the time.

Sometimes Housing Benefit may be able to paid before you move in.

Find out more about backdated or advance Housing Benefit claims.

Claiming for two homes

In certain cases, you may be able to claim Housing Benefit for two homes. This would be for a limited time. 


If you disagree with a decision made about your Housing Benefit, you can request a 'Statement of Reasons'. This explains how the decision was made.

If you disagree with these reasons, you can ask us to revise a decision. If you disagree with the revision, you can make a formal appeal.

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