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Housing Complaints

Advice for tenants living in poor conditions within private rented accommodation

This page gives advice to tenants in private rented homes and Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). Social housing tenants need to contact their housing association to make a complaint.

To help you identify the appropriate action to resolve your housing complaint, please click on the following link:

Where the advice suggests you make a complaint to your local council, please follow the process below:

Making a complaint

Firstly, report problems to your landlord/letting agent as soon you can.

You need to read your tenancy agreement before making a complaint. This will explain what your landlord is responsible for repairing. Your landlord should make sure your home:

  • doesn't have mould, pests, vermin or certain types of damp
  • has safe gas appliances, checked by a Gas Safe engineer every year
  • has safe electrical appliances (if provided) and wiring
  • has smoke alarms on every floor
  • has carbon monoxide detectors (in rooms with a coal fire or wood burning stove)

It will help if you can show evidence of the actions you've taken. You can do this by complaining in writing and taking photos of the problem(s).

You should contact the Council if you have complained and nothing has changed. We can only help if you have:

  • already made a complaint to your landlord or agent
  • made your complaint in writing (and kept a copy)
  • given a reasonable amount of time to fix the problem(s)

Complain about the condition of your private rented home.

After you've complained, the Council may inspect your property using the Housing Health and Safety Rating System.  This will show how serious the problem(s) are. 

We will speak to the landlord if they have not made repairs that they should have done.

If there is a serious risk to health and safety, we may issue a 'statutory' notice. This means the landlord must fix the problem(s) within a certain time, by law.

For further advice, please email

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