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Missed bin

Tell us if your bin hasn't been collected

Before you report a missed bin, please check:

  • Did you put your bin out on time? Please put your bins out either the night before or as early as possible on your collection day, no later than 7am.
  • Have we reached your street? Please give us until 4.30pm to reach your property. We may be delayed due to factors outside our control.
  • Was your bin in the right place? Your bin needs to be at the edge of your premises by the public highway. If you have an Assisted Collection, the crews need to be able to safely access your bin. It cannot be behind locked gates. 
  • Are roadworks or parked cars in the way? Access issues may delay us from collecting your bins.
  • Have you put the right items in the right bin? If your bins contain incorrect materials or waste we can't empty them. Check what goes in each bin.
  • Was your bin too heavy to move? If our crews cannot move it you will need to take out heavy items.
  • Was your bin too full? We do not collect items next to the bin. We only collect extra recycling in a clear sack on your blue bin day.

Remember, you must be subscribed to our garden waste service for your brown bin to be emptied.

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