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Wisbech Town Board

General information and purpose of the Board

Wisbech South Brink

The Board is made up of several key partners across Wisbech, Fenland and the Wider Cambridgeshire area. With a focus on local knowledge and experience at the heart of the Board, the Board is made up of a private sector Chair, local political leaders, local community leaders and local business leaders.

This group will be working together to achieve the following aims:

  • To work together to shape and manage the development of a ten-year, long-term plan for the town.
  • To work together to deliver a three-year delivery plan of projects (in the short term) for the town.
  • To allocate and deliver projects in line with the Government guidance to invest £20,000,000 into the town of Wisbech.
  • To explore new ways of working to maximise the impact of resource deployment within core organisational resources to address the priorities for the communities we support.
  • To seek to add social value to the work we all deliver by considering wider socioeconomic, environmental and health impacts through our normal service and project delivery work.
  • To work together to deliver a joined up approach towards strategic interventions which improve the long-term opportunities and fortunes of our communities.
  • To provide support and advice to the accountable body (Fenland District Council) in developing and governing a Long Term Plan For Towns programme in line with the Government (DLUHC) prospectus.

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