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Addendum to Proposed Submission Version 2013

The Addendum to the Core Strategy Consultation was held from 27 June - 7 August 2013

The representations that we received during this consultation can be found at the bottom of this page.

In addition to the Core Strategy and Policies Map, we have a large collection of background and evidence documents which help to explain in detail how we arrived at the proposed policies in the Core Strategy. These can be found in our Planning Policy Library.

Addendum Representations
PSA001 (PDF) [58KB] J NuttalNatural England
PSA002 (PDF) [35KB] S BullAnglian Water
PSA003 (PDF) [253KB] D BridgwoodWardell Armstrong
PSA004 (PDF) [4KB] P Heath-BrownPeterborough City Council
PSA005(a) (PDF) [8MB] A HodgsonSavills
PSA005(b) (PDF) [6MB] A HodgsonSavills
PSA006 (PDF) [131KB] S FaulknerNorfolk County Council
PSA007 (PDF) [229KB] J R MaxeyMaxey Grounds and Co LLP
PSA008 (PDF) [745KB] N PenfoldGladman Developments
PSA009 (PDF) [104KB] M Weeksn/a
PSA010 (PDF) [6MB] M BagshawJohn Martin & Associates
PSA011 (PDF) [62KB] G BrintonMaxey Grounds and Co LLP
PSA012 (PDF) [105KB] H Hodgen/a
PSA013 (PDF) [65KB] T Gilbert-WooldridgeEnglish Heritage
PSA014 (PDF) [195KB] O PikeThe Landmark Practice
PSA015 (PDF) [2MB] S MilesCambridge City Council
PSA016 (PDF) [18KB] Cllr G BoothParson Drove and Wisbech St Mary ward
PSA017 (PDF) [75KB] D HancockWhittlesea Society
PSA018 (PDF) [139KB] R Wilkinsonn/a
PSA019 (PDF) [191KB] S ClenshawEstover Playing Field Association
PSA020 (PDF) [193KB] P HumpreyPeter Humphrey Associates
PSA021 (PDF) [92KB] P Wilkinsonn/a
PSA022 (PDF) [84KB] Cllr P TunleyMarch North Ward
PSA023 (PDF) [163KB] J FinnThe Fisher Parkinson Trust Ltd
PSA024 (PDF) [102KB] C Weeksn/a
PSA025 (PDF) [46KB] P Evettsn/a

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