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The Document Library provides a directory of documents relevant to the emerging Local Plan, including the evidence base, consultation documents and other statutory documents. New documents will be added to the document library as work on the Local Plan progresses.

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Document title


Core DocLocal Plan StagesCD01-01Issues & Options Consultation DocumentOct 19
Core DocLocal Plan StagesCD01-02Issues & Options Key Issues ReportFeb 20
Core DocStatutory DocCD02-01Local Development SchemeFeb 19
Core DocStatutory DocCD02-02Local Development Scheme UpdateJul 20
Core DocStatutory DocCD02-03Local Development Scheme UpdateFeb 22
Core DocStatutory DocCD03-01Statement of Community InvolvementJul 18
Core DocSustainability AppraisalCD04-01Sustainability Appraisal Scoping ReportOct 19
EvidenceSite assessmentPE01-01Site Assessment Methodology ReportOct 19
EvidenceSite assessmentPE01-01aForm B - Site Submission Form
Form B - Site Submission Form (MS Word version)
Jul 20
EvidenceSite AssessmentPE01-02Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (Stage 1)Feb 20
EvidenceSite AssessmentPE01-02a Addendum to Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (Stage 1)Sept 20
EvidenceViability AssessmentPE02-01Early Draft Viability Appraisal ReportOct 19
EvidenceViability AssessmentPE02-01aEarly Draft Viability Appraisal Report consult letterOct 19
EvidenceViability AssessmentPE02-01bViability workshop presentationOct 19
EvidenceViability AssessmentPE02-02Local Plan & CIL Viability Report

Local Plan & CIL Viability Report(no appendices)
Dec 19
EvidenceViability AssessmentPE02-03Local Plan & CIL Viability Report consultation Apr-May 2020 - Key Issues ReportMay 20
EvidenceOpen SpacePE03-01Local Green Space Submissions ReportFeb 20
EvidenceHousing NeedsPE04-01Housing Needs of Specific Groups: Cambridgeshire and West SuffolkOct 21




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