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The Long Term Plan for Towns Investment

The Wisbech Place Board and accountable body, Fenland District Council, are in receipt of £20,000,000 of endowment style funding to fund projects and initiatives over the next ten years.

The Wisbech Town Board, which features representatives from a wide range of partner organisations is now looking to create a ten-year plan for this funding comprised of large and small scale projects which meet the needs of the community of Wisbech.

The Long Term Plan for Towns funding gives the Board, Fenland District Council and partners an opportunity to fundamentally transform the future for people living and working in Wisbech. It provides the opportunity to deliver projects to improve safety and security of the community, to invest in regeneration, highstreets and heritage and to deliver larger projects which could enhance transport and connectivity of the town and its residents and visitors.

The Priorities

Safety and Security

It is impossible to level up a town if people don't feel safe to go into the town centre and businesses are unable to trade because of crime and anti-social behaviour. Towns that feel or are unsafe repel consumers, deter investors, and undermine the norms and behaviour that underpin a thriving society. 

Interventions could include new and improved security infrastructure, such as CCTV and street lighting; providing additional hotspot policing and local authority wardens; as well as diversionary activity through ASB awareness courses and support for community outreach facilities.


High Streets, Heritage and Regeneration

Towns would be able to use this funding to enhance their town centres, making them and their buildings more attractive and accessible to residents, businesses, and visitors.

Interventions could include remediating and repurposing vacant department stores - including converting these to high quality housing; preserving and improving heritage sites in the town; creating and maintaining parks and green spaces; supporting high street cleaning projects; new markets/high street days; establishing Business Improvement Districts; running high street rental auctions; supporting skills and community development so local people can take up opportunities that emerge from business-led regeneration.

Wisbech High Street

Transport and Connectivity

The ease with which town residents can access high streets, jobs and local shopping centres is critical if towns are going to thrive into the future.

Investment will need to be used alongside other themes, particularly safety and security, to ensure that transport options are seen as attractive and safe.

Interventions could include new infrastructure schemes; road improvements; new programmes to encourage cycling; and making the town centre more walkable and accessible.


Supporting Documents

Long Term Plan For Towns Information:

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