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  • Energy Switch

    Switching scheme delivers savings for residents Home Energy

    Fenland residents who signed up to the latest round of the Cambridgeshire Energy Switch will save an average of £250 off their annual energy bill.

    Almost 100 households signed up to the scheme before an online auction between energy suppliers was held last month.

    But don't worry if you didn't register, as the registration period for the current round has been extended. Residents can still access the energy deals by signing up before Tuesday, November 28.

  • Port & Yacht Harbour

    Wisbech Port and Yacht Harbour is a busy commercial shipping Port Port & Harbour

    Situated on the River Nene on the outskirts of Wisbech, it is becoming an increasingly popular mooring location to explore the inland waterways of the wash. 


  • PSPO Order

    New powers to tackle street drinking Community Projects

    New powers to reinforce ongoing work to tackle alcohol-fuelled incidents and antisocial behaviour in Wisbech come into force on October 20. 

    It aims to restrict alcohol consumption in three drinking hotspots and in the town centre.

    Anyone caused breaching the order could be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £75. 

  • Consultation

    Have your say on current consultations 3Cs

    Help the council to further improve services and to make more informed plans and decisions.

  • Garden Waste

    Subscribe to our Garden Waste service Brown Bin

    Our new chargeable garden waste collection service began in April. This means that we will now only empty brown bins from households that have subscribed to our service.

    Each subscription costs £40 and runs until March 2018.