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Vehicle Licensing

Apply for a Hackney Carriage, Private Hire or Special Event vehicle licence

We are responsible for licensing hire vehicles (holding a maximum of 8 passengers) operating in Fenland.

There are three different types of vehicle licenses. You should apply for the licence that best fits the needs of your business.

Vehicle New

Vehicle renewals

If you are looking to renew your current licensed vehicle please ensure you have the following documents saved and ready to upload during the online process:

  • Insurance Document
  • V5 document (Only required if details have changed since previous renewal)
  • Vehicle Compliance Test - Passed status


New & Renewal Hackney Carriage vehicle


New & Renewal Private Hire vehicle



How to Apply

When you are ready to apply, please click on the relevant link below to submit your renewal application and pay the fee.

Once you have clicked on the link it will ask you for a reference number which is stated on your renewal application.

Renew a Hackney Carriage vehicle licence

Renew a Private Hire vehicle licence

Licence issued

Following validation of your application and satisfactory results of any checks, we will produce your new vehicle plate and send this along with the issue letter to your home address. A copy of your paper licence will be emailed to you. All expired plates must be returned to us as soon as possible.

Vehicle licence changes

Once you have your vehicle licence, you may want to apply for changes. If so, please complete the relevant form below and email to
If you need to make a payment, you can do this on our payment portal

Data sharing

We are required by law to share data with Defra to support the operation of charging in clean air zones or other air quality plans put in place by the Local Authority. Defra may, under contracts or similar agreements, use third party organisations to process this personal data. These organisations, if used, will not be able to use this data for any other purpose and will be required to meet the requirements of data protection legislation and government security standards.

Tax Checks

From 4 April 2022, there will be a small addition to the checks licensing bodies already have in place. You'll need to complete a tax check with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) when you renew your licence in relation to:

  • Licensed Driver for both Hackney Carriage & Private Hire
  • Private Hire Operator
  • Licensed Vehicles for both Hackney Carriage & Private Hire
  • Deal in scrap metal

Changes will only apply in England and Wales. View more information about Tax Check changes.

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